The Foundation

Foundation Background

The Open Society Fund, Inc., seated in New York, as represented by its President, Mr. György Soros, has set as an aim the establishment of the Közép-Európai Egyetem (based on its English name, hereinafter referred to as: CEU) to assist the intellectual cooperation of the peoples of Europe. According to the plans, Közép-Európai Egyetem shall function with seats in Budapest, Warsaw and possibly in other cities. Mr. György Soros, as president of the Open Society Fund., Inc. of New York, has expended an amount of 25 million US dollars in the last five years to the programs of Közép-Európai Egyetem. In the following time, the Founder continued to ensure the operation of the Budapesti Közép-Európai Egyetem Alapítvány (hereinafter referred to as: the Foundation) through regular grants. With regard to the realization of the educational and research programs and to the operation of the University, the Foundation plays a significant role according to the intent of the Founder. In order to ensure the financial basis of this activity, the Founder established a fund of 250 million USD, which shall ensure the financial conditions of the operation of CEU in Hungary providing 20 million USD each year.

The amounts available for the purposes of the programs of the Hungarian university are intended to be administered and utilized by the Budapesti Közép-Európai Egyetem Alapítvány. Similar foundations will be esablished in Warsaw and incidentally in other Central European cities for the maintenance of the Central European University programs in these cities.

Members and Representation

The members of the Board of Trustees of the Central European University Foundation of Budapest:


  • Mr. Ákos Detrekői, chair
  • Mr. Ádám Terták
  • Mr. Yehuda Elkana
  • Mr. William Newton-Smith


Dr. Ákos Detrekői, chair and member of the Board of Trustees shall be entitled to represent the Foundation and to undertake liability for its obligations. Dr. Ákos Detrekői shall be entitled to dispose over the bank account of the Foundation with another member of the Board of Trustees and shall be entitled to empower other persons to dispose over the bank account of the Foundation.